Monday, March 14
12 – 6 p.m.
The Continental Club

The last 5 years have witnessed an explosion in the creation, sharing, collection, and analysis of data.  Everything around us is data driven – our homes, our cars, our schools, our hospitals, our offices, and our mobile and wearable devices. But the amount of data isn’t the only thing worth discussing.

Who knew each of us would have a high-bandwidth supercomputer in our pockets that doubles as a tracking device, pairs of shoes that follow us everywhere online after we looked at them once and watches that are right out of a Dick Tracy cartoon?

It’s all very BIZARRE, isn’t it? The idea that all of this technology exists, the idea that we’ve so quickly integrated it into our daily lives and the idea that we’re sharing more and more of ourselves with EVERYONE.

In honor of our host city and keeping true to Austin’s motto, “Keep Austin Weird,” the BIZARRE BAZAAR will showcase how brands and partners are “hacking the future” to create a culture of readiness and anticipation for what’s to come.

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