Resolution at Cannes


June 23 – 25
The Carlton | 
Salon la Côte Terrace

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Day 1: Music

Cannes Music Trends

The sharpest minds in the industry are descending on the French Riviera this week as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity kicks off. To capture the excitement of the week, the StoryConnect@Omnicom Lounge is hosting both its namesake data intelligence center as well as daily panel speakers.

With day one off to a great start, today’s report highlights some of the trending music topics and conversations buzzing in Cannes.

Pharrell Williams quickly generated social recognition on Tuesday for his generous comments about artist Adele’s authentic intention to fans being paramount for savvy consumers. Noting that she’s “getting it right now,” Pharrell’s comments mirrored that of emerging artist Andra Day during her “Brands, Bands, ands Fans” panel in the StoryConnect@Omnicom Lounge. Day commented that “as an artist, authenticity and honesty is important. When I think of brands, how do they relate to me on that level? I want to be with brands that are authentic too. I want to connect with brands that relate to me and my message.”

Authenticity and brand persona was a thread woven tightly through many artist sessions during the day. Marilyn Manson also sparked online mentions as he gave a candid interview on personal branding noting that having an online persona doesn’t make you a personality today’s hyper connected world.

In contrast, music sharing platforms also saw considerable conversations specifically in relation to Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple which politely petitioned the company to pay artists during its free three month trial period. In an unlikely defense of Apple, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich vocally expressed his support of the brand. Just fifteen years ago Ulrich and his bandmates famously and successfully sued Napster for online music piracy.

Dope Movie Director Rick Famuyiwa bridged the conversation gap between music and movies as he stressed the importance of how music can make or break a film. This attitude was relevant in his movie as specific songs played a crucial role in setting a cultural and generational tone.

Lastly IBM drew small (in volume), but mighty interest for their work with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem as they created music using  data collected during the 187 matches of the US Open.



Day 2: Sports

Cannes Sports Trends StoryConnect

Day 2 at the StoryConnect@Omnicom lounge saw a changing landscape of conversations as Tuesday night’s Cannes Lions winners infiltrated online chatter.

With campaigns like P&G’s #LikeAGirl , which won a PR Grand Prix, generating buzz prior to the awards ceremony, gender equality steadily became notable in online mentions throughout the day.

Within the sports world, gender equality has been a distinct trend in many ad campaigns this year. Under Armour’s empowering “I Will What I Want” campaign featuring Gisele Bundchen and Misty Copeland was an example used by panelists noting how brands are using their platforms to empower women in sports more than ever before.

The sports theme was also ever present in sessions on wearable technology. The StoryConnect@Omnicom lounge hosted “Measuring the Connected Athlete through Technology, Gear and Fuel” which featured panelists, including Gatorade CMO Morgan Flatley, discussing how wearable technology is influencing product innovation. Sports performance was a constant thread in this conversation as connected devices have become a fashionable way to collect data on sports performance.

Up next – Influencers! Stay tuned as we dive into the world of self-made online influencers and how they are impacting how brands leverage social media.


Day 3: Influencers

StoryConnect Thursday-Influencers

It’s the last day for the StoryConnect@Omnicom and there’s no shortage of celebrity sightings here in the French Riviera. And while Cannes is notorious for rolling out the red carpet for the famous and applauding the ad industry, it’s hard to dismiss the power of influencers during the week.

The overarching theme of today’s panel sessions focused on the influence of, well…influencers. From celebrities to self-made influencers, social media has provided a unique brand platform for anyone to find 15 minutes of fame. But it’s those who have truly found how to harness and replicate this power that have become successful influencers. Often sought after by brands and trusted by their followers, these influencers have used their platforms in unique ways to reach their ever-growing audiences.

In a panel with Kim Kardashian this week, she noted that it wasn’t until she realized the vast difference between each of her social networks that she was truly able to understand her personal brand. While her affinity for selfies has made Instagram an obvious favorite social media platform, she stated on Tuesday that it’s Twitter she’s currently utilizing and loving the most. The microblog platform has provided the most efficient way for her to crowdsource her millions of followers for ideas and feedback on outfits, travel, and mobile app decisions.

Having a pool of avid and listening fans isn’t something just limited to celebrities. With the emergence of Snapchat as a budding marketing tool, regular consumers are finding unique ways to elevate their own personal quirks to become influencers. @Shonduras, a popular Snapchat influencer, participated in a StoryConnect@Omnicom panel where he discussed how important it is to not consider his fans as followers. “They’re my friends,” he stressed. These are people who connect with him daily, making his influence that much stronger and their relationship that much deeper

And @Shonduras’s commentary is also reflected in the success influencers are finding on other platforms. In a breakdown of the anatomy of an influencer, StoryConnect data found that the average of the top ten YouTube celebrities (as ranked by Variety) equates to: Anatomy of a YouTube Celebrity (using info pulled from the top 10 YT celebs as ranked by Variety)

  • Average subscriptions: 14,440,651
  • Average View: 2,850,995,216
  • Average Age: 27
  • Number of videos: 669
  • Account Age: 7 years


The Carlton | Salon la Côte Terrace