Google Marketing Live 2018 Keynote Takeaways: “Advertising For Everyone”


The rapid evolution of technology, such as enhanced machine learning, has empowered advertisers and marketers with a plethora of opportunities to fulfill personal, relevant and frictionless experiences for consumers.

Google’s annual Marketing Live conference represented another push toward an AI-first world rooted in machine learning. Google’s smart capabilities are helping to automate the delivery of relevant experiences at scale to allow for an “advertising for everyone,” a slogan debuted during the keynote speech by Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy continued Google’s championship of artificial intelligence and elaborated on the new slogan by stating that advertisements must also be valuable, transparent, and trustworthy, setting the stage for a number of product announcements that drive better results, allow for simpler experiences, and stronger collaboration.

Following in the footsteps of recent announcements, many new products that were announced during the keynote were automated or enhanced versions of existing offerings, and those developments are poised to pay off for consumers, advertisers, and publishers alike. Below are the key themes and updates that marketers and advertisers should take away from the keynote speech.

How it Works

Better Results

Google is continuing its mission to offer tools to help marketers get the most from their media, whether that includes search, display or video or online and in-store. As a result, the company is shining a spotlight on new and enhanced tools for video, search, and mobile, including:

  • TrueView Reach: Combines the primary in-stream format with simple impression based buying to optimize for efficient reach and increase awareness. TrueView Reach features will be available immediately.
  • TrueView Action: Enhanced to drive more conversions on websites with customized branded banners, a new form ads option to generate leads directly for video ads with custom intent audiences, and smart bidding capabilities. TrueView Action features will be available immediately.
  • Maximize Lift: Increases brand and lift consideration with machine learning to reach more efficient audiences and drive concrete measurable results. Goals can be optimized dynamically rather than just measured as previously. Maximize Lift features will be available later this year.
  • Responsive Search Ads: Simplifies ad creation and testing process with machine learning that combines and creates from an input of up to 15 separate headlines and four different descriptions to determine the best result and update in real time. Responsive Search Ads features will launch in English over the next few months, but will roll out more broadly in other languages throughout 2018.
  • Landing Page Speed Score: Tests the loading time of each landing page in Google Ads. Landing Page Speed Score features will be available immediately.
  • Cross Device Reporting and Remarketing: Offers a consolidated view across devices, if users opt-in to share this information, allowing marketers to link moments for trends and insights and take action as well as remarket to high value consumers. Cross Device Reporting and Remarketing will be available later this year.

Simpler Experiences

Google is also focused on building solutions that simplify processes for marketers and help them respond to consumer expectations and provide the right action at the right time. To this effect, Google introduced two new campaigns and an update:

  • Smart Campaigns: A new, small business self-serve campaign type that can be set up in minutes. This will become the new default when creating a new account. Smart Campaigns is scheduled to roll out later this year.
  • Shopping Campaigns: A new goal optimized campaign that combines search and display and provides automated feeds with Machine Learning. New business goals have been created within shopping campaigns, such as customer acquisition and Store Visits.
  • Hotel Campaigns: An update to the current Hotel Campaigns that provides more integration.

Stronger Collaboration

Finally, Google introduced new innovations to enable stronger collaboration across marketing teams, including:

  • Display & Video 360: An integration of DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google Data Studio, and Google Audience Center 360 designed to offer choice and end-to-end management for trafficking, management, and measurement.
  • Google Measurement Partners: A program geared towards helping marketers gain accurate and trustworthy measurements with solutions based on industry standards from 23 new and existing partnerships across brand lift, sales lift, viewability, app attribution, and more.

Resolution POV

During the Marketing Live conference, Google made it clear that delivering better experiences while protecting user trust and providing transparency is still their foundation. They have become smarter at delivering on this goal at scale through the utilization of machine learning to simplify campaign management and power smarter optimization. Additionally, they have elevated trust and transparency as key pillars to delivering on these experiences. These are reoccurring themes for the tech giant that we have seen and that they have always cared about and provided.

We believe that these enhancements will serve our ability to maximize ROI by optimizing to the best combination of audience, format, creative, and messaging, enabling our clients to effectively reach and engage consumers across a dynamic digital ecosystem. Google Marketing Live Announcements such as Smart Campaigns for SMB’s show Google’s movement on delivering on their new slogan, “advertising for everyone,” and features such as Cross Device Reporting and Remarketing and Google Measurement Partners acknowledge the growing complexity of the consumer journey and the need for simplicity in gaining more accurate and trustworthy measurements. The summation of products and features all include an “assisting” role that provide increased value to the end user, in addition to being grounded in cross-channel functionality with utility. We believe Google is being conscious of advertising and consumers, and providing advertisers and marketers a plethora of tools to deliver better and more relevant results more simply.


Overall, Google’s Annual Marketing Live announcements established the tech giant’s continued movement towards an AI-first world. Google is pushing the boundaries of advertising by grounding its product and feature innovations in better results, simpler experiences, and stronger collaboration, while also being valuable, transparent, and trustworthy as well as an effective set of tools “for everyone.”

Resolution continues to partner with Google, adopting and testing these features and capabilities, and prioritizing customer experience, measurement, and the adoption of smart technology paired with marketing and advertising expertise.