The best off-site marketing in the world won’t matter if your site isn’t prepared to convert prospects into customers, fans, investors, employees or brand advocates. Whatever goals you have tied to your website, Resolution can help you define proper and measurable conversion events, track visitors, calculate conversion rates, and optimize the consumer experience to drive measurable improvements and boost results.

If you’re just beginning to consider optimizing your website for conversion rates, we can help you cover the basics and produce rapid results. A/B and multivariate testing, for example, provide a scientific approach to diagnosing the performance of pages, buttons, colors, copy, design schemes, offers and other factors that influence conversion rates. What makes and effective element differs by marketer, product, audience and a host of other variables. We design tests, implement, and take the results of these tests to turn them into a unique action plan tailored exclusively to your site and brand’s needs.

Beyond the basics, we can help you focus on new ways to boost conversion rates. For example, take measuring lifetime value by referral source – marketers often overlook what can be done to attract more consumers who match the profile of their best customers as a way to boost conversion rates. Qualifying and optimizing the types of people that visit your site can have a tremendous impact on its conversion rate. We can help you better understand your audiences, identify which are your best audiences and leverage your cross-channel marketing efforts to attract more of your target customers to your site.