Pinterest Introduces Full Funnel Solutions


Recently, Pinterest announced their new suite of ad solutions, which map client’s business goals to the steps Pinners take to plan their futures. With this launch, more targeting, richer ad units and biddable buying models will be released for Alpha testing for select brands in July.

How it Works

Pinterest now has solutions for all media goals including awareness, intent and action. Ad units, targeting, pricing and measurement vary at each level of the funnel.

Increase brand awareness

This solution gives brands the ability to reserve premium audiences with guaranteed impressions in the top ad slot.

  • Ad Units: Classic Pins, Rich Pins and Cinematic Pins
  • Targeting: Categories, Personas and Brand Engagers
  • Pricing: Reserved – fixed CPM
  • Measurement: Unique reach, Brand lift, Time spent, Engagement

Understand what Pinners intend to do

Mid-funnel allows brands to reach consumers who are in a consideration mindset. Pinterest has rolled out a cost-per-engagement (CPE) model to help advertiser’s track future intent.

  • Ad Units: Classic Pins, GIF Pins and Rich Pins
  • Targeting: Terms
  • Pricing: Auction – CPE (close-up, re-pin, click)
  • Measurement: Engagement, Purchase intent

Help people take action

Brands will now only have to pay for actions that drive impact to their business.

  • Ad Units: Classic Pins, Rich Pins, App Pins, Buyable Pins
  • Targeting: Terms
  • Pricing: Auction – Cost per Click, Cost per Install and Cost per Purchase
  • Measurement: Conversion tracking (mobile purchases, app installs, offsite signups and checkouts

Pinterest's Full Funnel Solution

Resolution POV:

Pinterest’s announcement follows suit of other platforms that are making the major shift from IO-based buys toward self-serve models. This model allows for much lower rates and some Alpha partners are seeing as low as $1 CPMs in comparison to the $22 CPM with the IO-based buy.

Some ad units are only available to specific verticals, so please reach out to your regional social leaders to discuss opportunities, requirements and processes for your business. We will continue to share information as we receive initial results from the July Alpha partners and details on the full roll out.


Pinterest’s new offerings are designed to  and will greatly expand the ways that marketers are able to plan, purchase and optimize their campaigns to their overarching objectives whether it be engagement or acquisition.