Same Creative Spirit, New Canvas

The convergence of media and technology is changing marketing in radical ways. Media specialization and programmatic buying are only part of the story. The impact spans the entire marketing supply chain, from strategy and planning to creative, execution and analysis. Technology and data are providing marketers with access to more information, more consumers, and more inventory at unprecedented speed, accuracy, and control. But even the savviest are struggling to leverage the opportunity in full. There’s a lot of complexity, a lot of moving parts, a lot of change. It’s tough, and the stakes are high.

Success requires a new set of skills and competencies. Simply having data and technology is not enough. It’s about the ability to orchestrate the right people, the right processes, and the right technology towards a larger strategy and objective. It’s about breaking down silos and getting teams working better together. It’s about inventive applications of data that shed light on otherwise hidden insights. In short, it’s about re-imagining a more effective way of doing marketing. And that’s as much a creative endeavor as it is a scientific one.

What is Our Approach?

StoryConnect@Omnicom is the only enterprise marketing solution that integrates data-driven strategy, creative, media, and analytic services at the scale of a global holding company – Omnicom. A new approach to bringing together people, process, and technology, StoryConnect@Omnicom helps brands capitalize on data-drive creative and creativity-driven data to unlock value and competitive advantages in a hyper-connected, always-on world.