TrueView Moves to the “Core” AdWords Interface

TrueView Joins Adwords


In order to bring more uniformity to their advertising platform, Google has been working on migrating their YouTube TrueView campaigns into the regular AdWords interface. The objective behind this move is to allow advertisers the ability to build and optimize video campaigns in real-time using the higher level of customization and flexibility that is currently available for search, display, and shopping campaigns.

How it Works

All current AdWords for Video campaigns can now be migrated over to the AdWords interface by simply going to the “Upgrade Center” in the AdWords for Video account. After the user has started the migration process, the rest of the work is done on the back end which takes about five minutes. The user will then be redirected to Adwords without the option to use the old video interface. If the ability to opt into the migration is not used, the accounts will auto-migrate before the end of the year.

Resolution POV:

To advertisers who buy inventory through the YouTube TrueView platform, the AdWords migration is a welcome change. Here’s why:

  1. The ability to create (and now easily sort) ad groups allows for increased granularity and optimization of video targeting and billing. These ad groups also allow changing the bids of multiple ad groups at once. A process that previously had to be done individually.
  2. Advertisers will now be able to include a set of ad groups and formats relevant to the campaign without the previous limitation of only being able to create ten targeting groups in a given campaign. This allows for ad copy, thumbnails, targeting, and bids to be greater diversified and optimized.
  3. Filtering and sorting videos, ads, and targeting groups has been upgraded for ease of use allowing users greater control over reviewing their campaigns.
  4. Since the new AdWords uses the same back end structure as the search platform, this provides the opportunity for our third party partners (i.e. Kenshoo, Marin) to add functionality to their platforms for automation and optimization similar to search and display campaigns.

Since video metrics are currently unavailable in the Reports tab, all reporting currently needs to be pulled in the Campaign tab and do not benefit from the new advanced reporting features such as drag-and-drop report building. With that being said, the ability to segment the data by time, device, and others are now available in the Campaigns tab.


Migrating video campaigns to the regular AdWords interface is a positive step forward for Google’s TrueView campaigns, and yet another move to make video content optimizable in real-time. While the reporting functionality still needs to be refined in order to match the level of search ad reporting, the new interface and changes to the campaign structures will make creating and optimizing TrueView campaigns more efficient and cohesive within AdWords.