Twitter Announces Keyword Targeting in Timeline

Twitter Targeting in Timeline


On April 16, 2013, Twitter announced the launch of keyword targeting in timelines. The new feature allows advertisers to rapidly build awareness and buzz by targeting users based on keywords in their tweets, in addition to keywords within tweets they’ve recently engaged with.

How it Works

Once advertisers bid on targeted keywords, promoted tweets will show up within those users’ timelines, but not necessarily directly above or below the tweets that feature those keywords. This marks the first time that advertisers have been able to target timelines with specific keywords.

Resolution POV:

In an increasingly competitive social environment, effectively reaching and engaging the right audiences in relevant contexts is important for every client. Every tweet contains an emotion, a thought, a want or need. The Keyword in Timelines functionality allows you to promote more targeted tweets that can evoke actions to meet your KPIs.
The new ad unit enables advertisers to reach an audience that would be more likely to engage with the promoted subject matter. This new feature blends Twitter’s two existing ad units, tweets in timeline and tweets in search, together to combine the high volume from timelines and the high engagement rates typically seen in tweets in search.

Key Considerations:

  • In-Depth Analysis. Performance can be viewed at the keyword level which will allow for more in-depth optimizations.
  • Context is Important. Tweet content should be based on the keywords that you are targeting in order to make the tweet contextually relevant for the user.
  • Negative Keywords Currently Unavailable. Right now, only Exact Match and Phrase Match are available, however Twitter’s algorithm currently adds its own negatives. Allowing advertisers to set negatives is on the roadmap.
  • Global Roll-Out. All Twitter Markets are available to target — this is not limited to the US.
  • Volume Sizing Available. A volume sizing tool has been added to the dashboard to provide directional sizing of the global recent daily volume of mentions for a keyword. However, its current state does not take bid and/or other factors into measure at this time.


Keyword Targeting in Timelines is a great new feature that enables advertisers to get in front of the right socially active audience at the moment when people are engaging with conversation. Its current features, including in-depth keyword analysis, volume sizing tool and international capabilities, prove it is capable of making an impact to campaigns today. Enhanced functionality releases in the future will make Keyword Targeting in Timelines even more valuable down the road.

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