Twitter #music

Twitter Music


On April 18, 2013 Twitter announced the launch a new standalone music discovery service app called Twitter #music. It allows listening, tweeting and sharing of songs and is currently available both as a mobile and desktop app.

How it Works

After downloading the app to your phone or computer (via, Twitter #music uses your Twitter data and activity to show you what’s being listened to right now by your connections and help you discover both popular tracks and new emerging artists.

There are several ways to interact with the app:

    • “Popular” shows music that is current trending on Twitter.
    • “Emerging” shows up-and-coming artists.
    • “Suggested” shows artists you might like based on the musicians you follow.
    • “Now Playing” shows what music people you follow are currently listening to and tweeting about (with hashtag #nowplaying).
    • “Me” shows the artists you follow on Twitter.

You can either connect your Spotify (must have a premium account) or Rdio account to listen to full tracks, or listen to samples and buy through iTunes.

Resolution POV:

Twitter #music aims to succeed in filling the gap in the social music discovery space where other services have failed.

Some key points:

      • Mobile is Key. The mobile app is intuitive with swipe and mobile optimized navigation, and will be the likely device of choice for usage among Twitter users, 60%+ of whom access Twitter through their mobile device. It is currently only available on iPhones but Android integration will follow.
      • Musician followers will increase. Twitter #music will likely increase the followers that musicians get organically on Twitter, as users begin following artists in order to bulk up their “Suggested” tab and follow artists they discover through the app.
      • Keyword targeting will come into play. The newly announced Keyword Targeting in Timelines feature dovetails nicely with this announcement, as the increase in tweets mentioning musicians will allow for granular targeting to those audiences.
      • Potential for future advertising opportunities. There are no current advertising opportunities, but it is likely that in the future there will be some integration.
      • International Roll-out. Unlike many Twitter products that are rolled out first to the US, this product is also available in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.


On April 18, 2013, Twitter announced the Twitter #music standalone mobile and desktop app to allow for music sharing in a social way. This extends beyond integration with streaming music apps by establishing Twitter itself, not the third party music sites, as the conduit to music discovery. Although there is no advertising currently on the platform, the increased conversation on Twitter around musicians will provide increased volume in music targeting through the new Keyword Targeting in Timelines feature.

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