Resolution can help you better understand and cater to your most important audiences by providing big data insights, digital media integration and powerful technology partnerships.

Our data management platform works with audience segmentation solutions such as our own unique audience profiling platform ClearTargetTM; web analytics data; top digital measurement and research services comScore, Hitwise, Quantcast and Google AdPlanner; and search intelligence from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Combining these digital resources enables powerful analysis of audience demographic and behavior attributes, and often identifies previously underserved or unknown audiences.  This allows us to work with your brand to develop better ways to reach all of your important audience segments.

Resolution works closely with you to prioritize the resulting action items based on your brand’s marketing goals and priorities, the scope and urgency of the opportunities and many other factors. We champion a real-time approach that enables us to help brands respond quickly to pressing opportunities. It’s all based on a deep understanding of the audiences that matter most to you and your brand.