Voice Search, Screenless and Voice App Optimization and Deployment

The average consumer types 40 words a minute and speaks 150. As machine learning becomes more sophisticated with market leaders such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon, users are increasingly performing searches using voice commands to their digital assistants. The growth of this behavior is significant, with Comscore projecting that by 2020 half of mobile searches will be initiated by a voice query. In order for brands to create meaningful interactions with their customers in a voice-initiated search landscape, they must know how to create conversational content that aligns to how their consumers search and how an AI-driven device answers. Resolution helps brands understand how consumers are searching with AI-powered digital assistants. We guide content strategies to ensure targeted content solutions are voice-enabled. We then help businesses measure their voice efforts against business objectives to ensure targeted digital voice interactions are achieving their intended marketing objectives.

Voice Search Apps Are the New Brand Voice

At Resolution, we believe voice initiated search will become the primary channel for consumers to discover and interact with content. Additionally, the technology powering voice interactions, such as Google’s Actions and Amazon’s Skills, are accessible to any developer. This presents an opportunity for brands to create personalized experiences at an unprecedented scale. To achieve this, brands need the right customer behavior insights to inform content strategies and ensure their brand’s voice is heard in this emerging marketplace. Resolution accomplishes this by creating data-driven insights to define behaviors on platforms, such as the Google Home or Amazon Alexa, where a voice-based app will successfully address consumer desires. This is used to inform how the app is created, including everything from its infrastructure and dialog flow to measurement requirements.