Webinar: Resolution Media Talks New People-Based Programmatic Strategies

Two-thirds of digital ad spend will be traded programmatically in 2019. As spend rises, marketers and advertisers are under pressure to implement the right strategies to reach their business goals. From AI to audience targeting, there are a wealth of new people-based best practices to help you acquire more customers and generate return from your programmatic campaigns.

On Thursday, February 28, Resolution Media VP of Marketing Sciences, Sergey Shprints, will be joined by experts from LiveRamp and DialogTech to provide listeners with the tools and tactics needed to create the best personalized experiences for customers in the year ahead. If you think you know all about how to use audience data and insights to inform your planning, think again. You won’t want to miss this. Register today here!


Jonathon Schuster
Managing Director, New Verticals

Jonathon leads the voice strategy for LiveRamp, where he focuses on how marketers can bring
the power of inbound voice across all the marketing ecosystem.
He has spent the last 10 years developing technology around mobile and voice.

Sergey Shprints
VP of Marketing Sciences
Resolution Media

Sergey leads Marketing Sciences services across a portfolio of Omnicom Media Group agencies,
focusing on audience strategy and media analytics for all biddable channels and platforms.

Viji Davis
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Viji Davis is Senior Vice President of Marketing at conversation analytics company DialogTech and is a
leading expert in voice, digital advertising, and marketing analytics. Viji has also spent over a decade in
the agency world, where she developed digital strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands.