Our Approach

Programmatic advertising is an effective component of multichannel strategies that compliment a traditional media mix to boost delivery for performance focused clients. The way we approach programmatic, including building out recommendations, tools, and processes, all hinge around four key pillars to drive the best results: Audience intelligence, curated and authenticated inventory, smarter decisions, and advanced measurement.

Omni, Omnicom’s people-based precision marketing and insights platform is designed to identify and define personalized consumer experiences at scale to drive business outcomes for clients. At the heart of Omni is Agile ID, a custom, people-based approach to segmentation and activation. It provides a single view of consumer behavior, allowing us to build segments and directly activate them programmatically with our unique inventory graph.

The Right Offer

The right offer is the relevant offer, and we can leverage precise targeting technologies to help you reach consumers based on their past behavior, affinities, interests and more. You can leverage programmatic to retarget shopping cart abandoners, sweeten the offer and seal the deal without presenting irrelevant offers to customers who completed their purchases. We can even help you harness expressed intent as consumers click on search ads through low-cost direct response Facebook campaigns.

An Important Piece

Our programmatic capability is purpose-built to deliver large scale advantages across the supply chain. We provide true end-to-end advantages that unlock new value opportunities with emerging programmatic channels (e.g. connected TV, audio, digital OOH), audience data, inventory intelligence, dynamic creative technologies, advanced algorithms, and log-level analytics.